Management & Controls

There are a wide variety of approaches to energy management, and the nature and extent of energy management will depend on the business itself, including energy consumption, complexity, behaviours and controls.

Metering, Monitoring and Targeting

Take control of your energy. We can offer day to day support and expertise to design and develop an effective monitoring and targeting strategy for your organisation. Once installed, we can offer both on-site and remote support for optimisation as well as monitoring for errors and exceptions to continue to improve energy performance.

We can also install temporary or permanent metering and logging solutions to diagnose specific issues within buildings. This includes:

  • Three phase incoming electricity logging and meter verification
  • Circuit level electrical monitoring
  • Temperature and humidity logging

Controls Optimisation

Optimising existing BMS software strategies and hardware devices can significantly improve the energy efficient control of your building, without detriment to operational and environmental conditions, and is often one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to reduce energy wastage.

Indeed, through optimising current controls and delivering energy savings both quickly and cost effectively, paybacks can be as short as a few weeks and delver typical savings of at least 15%. Controls optimisation not only consists of the tuning of more sophisticated BMS systems such as TREND, Siemens and Schneider but also involves the review and optimisation of localised devices including PIR sensors, timeclocks, thermostats, photocells and the like.

Where a BMS system requires review and betterment, we can work with the existing maintenance contractor to deliver savings and structure the service in a way that continues to maintain and deliver savings in the future. Where necessary, we would call upon approved system house engineers and experts to deliver savings via existing strategies for all major BMS systems.