With ESOS Phase One just completed, there is not a better time to start to consider the requirements for Phase Two. By December 2019, notification for Phase Two of ESOS will have to be completed in a similar way as Phase One, and any building surveys, transport assessments or other audits conducted between now and December 2019 will be able to be used for compliance.

If you’re considering ISO 50001 as a preferred route to compliance, E3 can also fully support you through their fully qualified 50001 lead auditor to implement a conforming Energy Management System. Click here for full details and contact us for more information.

So why would I do this now?

Many will wait until the final year before undertaking the necessary work for compliance, but this will not be the best value way to achieve Phase Two compliance.

E3 Sustainability are offering substantial reductions in the costs of undertaking ESOS audits for Phase Two compliance over the next 12 months; this should be contrasted with the inflated rates that will be charged as the deadline approaches and demand outstrips the supply of qualified assessors. Other benefits of undertaking the audits now include:

  • If you have an audit undertaken now you can act on the results and start enjoying the energy savings.
  • The recent ESOS deadline saw a huge shortage of auditing resource and many organisations failed to comply as they were unable to find a suitably qualified lead assessor with availability; completing the audits in 2016/17 will avoid this risk.
  • Organisations can carry on the budget for compliance from last year rather than lose this allocation and have to re-justify budget provision in three years’ time.
  • Once undertaken you may not have to conduct audits again for seven years (for Phase Three compliance in 2023).

The audits can be undertaken at any time from now until December 2019 as any compliant audits undertaken in the four-year Phase Two window which started on the 6th December 2015 will be accepted. We are therefore recommending that clients don’t leave it too late.

Our Early Bird offer

E3 Sustainability can deliver a full end-to-end service for ESOS compliance using experienced surveyors and in-house fully qualified ESOS lead assessors (CIBSE). Our ESOS Early Bird offer will deliver audits on your buildings and transport within the next year. Due to the regulations which states that 12 months’ energy consumption has to include the qualification date (31st December 2018 for Phase Two), we will then complete a final data review and group report for sign off in Q1 2019. Our fixed fee is costed at current rates and will remain in place to cover the final works in 2018/19.

How can we make this discount to you?

We have already worked with over 50 organisations and successfully completed the necessary works for ESOS Phase One. This gives us an advantage in understanding a wide variety of organisations and market sectors. We want you to benefit from this experience, our efficient operational structure and reporting and be rewarded by gaining from the energy and cost savings that are identified sooner rather than later.

What do I do next?

Contact E3 Sustainability now to secure this early bird offer.  We will need to ask a few basic questions and can then issue an initial quotation.  A full proposal detailing the works further will be issued upon an initial expression of interest.

Call us on 07729 526414 or email